Hiroki Francesco Moriguchi carries out his dental practice in Milan and Lecco, Italy.
He commits the beginning of his clinical education in oral surgery and implantology with the internship at the department of oral surgery at San Paolo Hospital, Milan.
He graduates with the maximum score “cum laude” in dentistry in 1997 at Milan State University with a thesis about the experimental topic on “Implantology and immediate loading”.
In 1998 he is awarded with the prestigious Monbukagakusho scholarship established by the Japanese government and attended a post-graduate course in Japan.
In Japan he is assigned to the department of anesthesiology at Nagasaki University Dental Hospital and Dental School where he can follow major oral and maxillo-facial surgical interventions. He applies and is accepted to a basic research PhD post-graduate program where he joins the prestigious research group lead by professor Akira Yamaguchi. The main research topic he deals with is bone regeneration and molecular biology of stem cells. At the same time he supports teaching assistance activity for the students of the dental school.
His predilection for clinical dentistry brings him with regrets not to complete the whole PhD program and he returns to Italy in 2001.
Another aspect he seriously keeps into consideration in taking that decision, is that the scientific environment he is immersed in during the Japanese years are at the level for which once he had decided to pursue the research it would have been very hard to go back to Italy to live and work.
Once back to Milan, for a brief period of time, he rejoins his former department of Oral Surgery and carries out tutoring activities for dental school students. Later, he exclusively commits his professional time to his private practice dealing particularly with oral implantology, oral surgery and aesthetic dentistry.
A passionate photographer and audio/video enthusiast, he couples his passions with dental practice teaching and consulting other colleagues about clinical photography and digital data management.
Besides Italian, he fluently speaks Japanese, English and Swedish.
Those years in Japan, allowed Hiroki to achieve the black belt in Aikido.
Lastly, he is a passionate and proficient jazz/blues guitar player.