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Smiling, laughing, speaking, drinking, nourishing, kissing, yawning, whistling, mimicking, tasting, savouring, breathing, enjoying, expressing… all actions that allow us to communicate with the world that surrounds us. But when something in our mouth goes wrong, our way to communicate with the environment is compromised. The purpose of a good dentist is to restore all those actions in the best possible way utilizing whatever contemporary medical science and techonology offer today.

All this accomplished with:


“If I care about doing something, I don’t call it job.” – Richard Bach


“Talent and elegance mean nothing without rigor and precision.” – Lionel Messi


“The best way to work well tomorrow is to work well today.” – Elbert Hubbard


“Remember that around a tooth and a mouth there is a person with his own life” – Hiroki F. Moriguchi

For every kind of therapy, even the most simple, always the same commitment:
the top

If acceleration is the problem and the cause of lack of time,
the solution has to be to slow down.
If we dedicate our whole attention to what we are doing,
there is no room for haste.
Attention is a central concept to every spiritual path:
to walk with attention,
to eat with attention,
to speak with attention,
treat with attention people and things.
Our entire life lends itself to practice the attention.

F. Assländer – A. Grün

The Partners

The passion, the unrelenting and rigor for the never ending quest for precisione, lead inevitably to work with just as much demanding professionals.

Dental Technicians

In complex dental rehabilitation (compared to a standard filling) the dental technician is the partner who takes on a fundamental role. The dental technician is the professional who makes the “artificial” tooth customized to the patient need rehabilitating the lost tooth or teeth.


Hiroki Moriguchi works together with these two premium dental lab:

C&P di Colli R. e Pedrinazzi C. S.n.c.

Via torino 24/8
Cernusco sul naviglio – Milano (MI)
Tel. 02 92271391

Odontotecnica Rusconi di Michele Rusconi

Via Cavour, 31
Valmadrera – Lecco (LC)
Tel. Cell. 328 6985356

And about: “Passion, Precision, Professionalism and attention to the person”. A chat with C&P Dental Lab.

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